Our earth, one of the eight planets which orbit the sun in an eternal course – inaccessibly distant, are finally tangible for us – sensual, of an unprecedented beauty and size as a real three-dimensional image on unique tactile digital globes.

The products of Globoccess AG emerged from an equally simple yet technically ambitious vision:

Planet earth is simulated on “tactile digital globes” in such a realistic way that the diversity and fascination of the original images from space are experienced by the observer.

Globoccess AG produces precision high-tech products based on the best technologies available. Our products will be customized to meet your individual requirements according to your specifications. A digital globe glowing in a room creates an emotional centre for the audience and fills foyers, lobbies and exhibitions with a unique presence.

We built the spatial environment for the new digital interactive showroom on the Globoccess AG Homepage. Hereby it was important to find a environment that illustrates the stories which are “told” on these globes best. There are different sizes and types of globed that have to find it´s position in the digital showroom.

The project was created in cooperation with the scientist from


globoccess 02

globoccess 03

globoccess 04